Press Release regarding Participation in Global ICT Leadership Forum 2018 by the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Hon Mr Giriraj Mani Pokhrel

Press Release

Hon. Giriraj Mani Pokhrel, Minister for Education, Science & Technology addressed the “2018 Global ICT Leadership Forum” today in Seoul which was organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT along with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) of the Republic of Korea. The Forum was held with the objectives of sharing the vision, best practices and knowledge of the participating countries regarding the use of ICT in education and its latest developments.

Addressing the Forum, Hon. Minister Pokhrel highlighted the importance of ICT in the field of education and mentioned some of the major initiations being undertaken by the Ministry of Education, S&T to promote the quality education in Nepal through effective implementation of the latest technologies. He also said that the Government of Nepal, under a major initiative of “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali”, has been giving high priority in building the educational and ICT infrastructures for the achievement of the objectives set by SDGs. Highlighting  the opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the development of agriculture, healthcare, education and human livelihood, he further underscored the significance of establishing and nurturing the physical and human infrastructures, especially for the developing countries like Nepal to reap the benefits and steer a rapid and sustained socio-economic development through the best use of data, artificial intelligence and networking.

Earlier, he visited the Embassy of Nepal in Seoul and received a brief on the major activities of the Embassy including the problems of Nepali community in Korea. He also made an observation tour to the planetarium of the Seoul National University on the same day.

Hon. Minister arrived in Seoul on 14 November 2018 to participate in the program. During the visit, he participated in a welcome program organized by NRNA Korea & interacted with the Nepali community living in Korea. He also paid visits to the Kyunghee University and the National Library of Korea. Minister Pokhrel is scheduled to depart for Kathmandu on 18 November 2018.

The Embassy of Nepal
15 November 2018