Embassy Holidays

The Embassy will remain closed on the following public days in 2077 B.S. (2020/04/13-2021/04/13)
Date Day Occasion
2020.04.13 Mon Nepali New Year Day
2020.04.15 Wed Election Day of RoK
2020.04.30 Thur Buddha’s Birthday (Celebration in RoK)
2020.05.05 Tue Children’s Day (in RoK)
2020.10.01 & 04 Thur, Sun Chuseok (Festival of RoK)
2020.10.25-26 Sun, Mon Vijaya Dashami (Festival of Nepal)
2020.11.15-16 Sun, Mon Tihar (Festival of Nepal)
2021.02.11 & 14 Thur, Sun Seollal, Korean Festival
2020.03.01 Mon Independence Movement Day of RoK
2020.03.08 Mon International Women’s Day
Note: Friday and Saturday are the regular weekend.