Embassy Holidays

The Embassy will remain closed on the following public days in 2076 B.S.                                           (2019/04/14-2020/04/12)
Date Day Occasion
2019.04.14 Sun Nepali New Year Day
2019.05.01 Wed International Labour Day
2019.05.05 Sun Children’s Day (in RoK)
2019.05.12 Sun Buddha’s Birthday (Celebration in RoK)
2019.06.06 Thur Memorial Day of RoK
2019.08.15 Thur National Liberation Day of RoK
2019.09.12 & 15 Thur, Sun Chuseok (Festival of RoK)
2019.10.03 Thur National Foundation Day of RoK
2019.10.07-08 Mon, Tue Vijaya Dashami (Festival of Nepal)
2019.10.09 Wed Hanguel Proclamation Day of RoK
2018.10.28-29 Mon, Tue Tihar (Festival of Nepal)
2019.12.25 Wed Christmas
2020.01.01 Wed New Year’s Day
2020.01.26-27 Sun, Mon Seollnal, Korean Festival
Note: Friday and Saturday are the regular weekend.