Embassy of Nepal
19, 2gil Seonjam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
(Embassy Location)
Tel. No. 0082 (02) 37899770/1
Fax No. 0082 (02) 7368848

Consular Contact Number for Urgency:
1) Deputy Chief of Mission: 01033224848 (for diplomatic and other special matters)
2) Counsellor (Labour): 01055082053 (for EPS and other labour related matters)
3) First Secretary: 01040072068 (for consular matters)

Location of the Embassy:
1) Take the #4 Subway Line to Hansung University.
2) Go out exit #6 at Hansung University Station.
3)Take green public shuttle bus #2 to Seongnagwon.
4) Go toward the direction of Seongnagwon, and 20 meters away, there is the embassy on the left side.