Full Biography

Prof. Dr. Jyoti Pyakuryal (Bhandari)
Embassy of Nepal, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Ambassador Professor Jyoti Pyakuryal has been teaching at Padma K Campus, Tribuvan University for more than three decades. She has done Masters from Allahabad University in 1983 and Ph.D. from DDU, Gorakhpur University specializing in “Newari Festival Music and Culture in Kathmandu Valley in 2012.

Ambassador Pyakuryal was head of the Department of Music at Padma Kanya Campus, Treasurer and Officiating Member-Secretary of the Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women and Social Welfare from 2002 to 2005. She was the member of the Central Film Censor Board of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Professor Pyakuryal was the member of the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Commission, Nepal. She has been the Scholar-in-Residence of the Rockefeller Foundation in Italy; Treasurer, Nepal University Teacher’s Association; Central Committee Member, International Family Year, Nepal; Women’s Coordinator, Amnesty International, Nepal Chapter; Editor-in-Chief a the women issues related quarterly magazine, Bidushi; elected representative (Parshad), Nepal Journalist Association; a signatory of the partnership program between Social Welfare Council and Korea Evergreen Hosanna Council, Seoul and the member of SAARC Teacher Leader Group.

Ambassador Pyakuryal was the Delegate of the 62nd United Nations’ General Assembly Meeting, October 18- November 9, 2007, New York. She has participated in important international conferences such as  International Conference on Human Rights Challenges of Globalization in Asia-Pacific, US: The Trafficking in Person, Especially Women and Children, in Honolulu, Hawaii; the 30th International Conference on Social Welfare, ICSW/Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare (NIZW), The Netherlands; Urban Poverty Reduction Issues, ADB Institute, Asian Development Bank, Dhaka; Women Education Exchange Program, IWEAJ and Ministry of Education, Japan and Mass-Media and Democracy, Department of Mass communication, Gothenburg University, Sweden.

Professor Pyakuryal had been regularly contributing on topical socio-cultural, literary and political issues of national/and international importance in selected Nepali and international daily, weekly and monthly magazines.